Block Ads & Earn Tokens

Varanida is a browser extension that allows you to block ads, pop-ups and other intrusive scripts. Varanida Ad Blocker works with Chrome and Firefox and rewards you with VAD, the "Verified Ad" token, each time you block advertising on the web.


Install Varanida Ad Blocker in 3 Easy Steps

Varanida is a Secure & Efficient Ad Blocker

  1. Download Varanida

    Install the Varanida extension on your favorite browser. Be assured that our extension won't affect your browsing experience or slow down your connection.

  2. Clean The Internet

    All Varanida users are collectively blocking intrusive advertising and scripts, to build a better Internet which will be more respectful of attention and privacy.

  3. Get Rewarded in VAD

    You earn VAD when you install the extension, each time you block ads when browsing, and each time you refer someone who installs the Varanida extension.

See what our users say about Varanida

Varanida is being ranked among the best adblocking extension on Chrome and Firefox stores. Here are some of the reviews we got from our users.

Very good extension! Completely replaced AdBlock

Thomas S.

Better than uBlock Origin and AdBlock in that regard.

David K.

great extension. replaced adblock plus with this

Andrei C.

Is a verry useful extension, The best adblock extension.

Cristi G.

Block Ads & Earn Tokens

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