Follow the progress and future milestones of the Varanida project.

June 2009 - Beginning of DOZ

Faouzi El Yagoubi and Anji Ismaïl, are starting iterating on what would become, a software enabled marketplace to deliver more transparent and better marketing campaigns.

July 2017 - Varanida was born

Looking at the opportunity that represents Blockchain based models, Faouzi & Anji are imagining how they could improve the advertising industry; and this starts by cleaning the Internet.

January 2018 - Team Varanida

Anji & Faouzi are joined by Thomas Schmider, and a team of talented and experienced people is being assembled.

April/May 2018 - Prototype release

Varanida releases to the community a first iteration of the Varanida browser extension with the purpose to clean the web from intrusive ads and scripts.

Q3 2018 - Token Generation Event

1,000,000,000 VAD (Verified Ad) ERC-20 Tokens will be launched on the Ethereum Network.

Q4 2018 - Varanida Protocol

Varanida will release a complete decentralized and open protocol to allow publishers and advertisers to build their own audience engagement applications.

Q2 2019 - Varanida Blockchain

Varanida will move to its own blockchain, releasing its complete solution for web users, advertisers and publishers.