Varanida + Brave = A Better Web

Varanida is teaming up with Brave to bring more transparency, privacy and equity to the Web.

Download Brave

Varanida teams up with Brave to support a more transparent and fair Web

Download Brave

  1. Download Brave

    Brave is a fast, secure and private browser which rewards you for your attention. Click here to download Brave and get started.

  2. Open Brave

    Brave allows you to access your favorite websites and more up to 8x faster than other browsers.

  3. Browse a better Internet and Earn

    Brave ecosystem is fair, you can earn BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) Rewards and support your favorite publishers or redeemed for real-world rewards

Get BAT Rewards

When you use Brave you are also earning!

  • ✅ Claim $5 in BAT when you download Brave*
  • ✅ More BAT grants each month, subject to the Brave fair usage policy
  • ✅ Brave users can opt into Brave ads and earn BAT in return for their attention

Don't miss any reward and make Brave your "default browser" when asked.

Download Brave

How to Earn?

Once you've installed and opened Brave, click the BAT iconnear the address bar to create your token wallet. When your wallet has been created, Brave will prompt you to accept a free BAT grant, if any are available. You can also earn BAT by participating in the Brave Ads program. The more you participate, the more you earn!

Download Brave

Varanida and Brave

* Grants are distributed monthly, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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