Frictionless Technology

Varanida's Blockchain improves

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We believe that technology should make applications secure, scalable, and most importantly, simple.

Our Approach: Deliver the best of what is possible, and not promise what is impossible.

Decentralized Ad Validation

Varanida users can collectively vote on the quality and relevancy of ads, brands, and websites. Scores are stored in our blockchain for transparency.

Private Data Encryption

Varanida has built a "Data Wallet" where users own their personal data through their private key. Data is encrypted in AES, and signed through ECDSA.

High Throughput Transactions

Our decentralized Real Time Bidding system will be built on our blockchain, with support for high transaction rates.

Easy To Build Applications

Varanida will support decentralized and traditional applications to allow better engagement and more efficient ad campaigns.

Incentivize Users

VAD Tokens reward users for seeing ads, sharing encrypted data, or contributing content, enabling a fair value-sharing mechanism.

Reward Publisher Performance

Publishers get more revenue from Varanida than from traditional networks, and they are incentivized by the quality and performance of their content.

Useful Masternodes

Within Varanida's blockchain, publishers will play an important role in supporting the delivery network, through Masternodes and POS mechanisms.

Fraud Free Network

Varanida's identity and reputation systems will make the network more resistant to ad fraud, allowing for better and more predictable performance.

Better Delivery

Varanida's Network will improve content and advertising delivery rates, increase capacity, and encourage engagement with innovative formats.

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