A Better Internet Is Possible

Varanida is a decentralized technology that rewards users for their attention,
while giving more value to publishers, and protecting advertisers from fraud.

A Collective Initiative Where Value Is Shared Fairly

We believe in an open, fair, and transparent Internet, so we are building a decentralized network that benefits all parties.

We're introducing a crowdsourced solution where all stakeholders are involved, because community makes the Internet powerful.

Value should be shared fairly, so Varanida has the lowest commission and the most compensation for every party.

Web Users Get Back Control

View Ads

only when you want, and get rewarded

Share Data

only when you decide to (or not!)

Access Premium Content

with VAD tokens you earned

Benefits for Users

Internet Users are overwhelmed by bad ads, and struggle to control their data.

Varanida lets you decide if you want to see ads or not, and gives you back ownership on your private data, rewarding you for your attention.

Publishers Are Fairly Compensated

More Revenue

to support quality & engaging content

Paywall Solutions

that don't affect user experiences

Statistics & Reporting

that are transparent & verified

Benefits for Publishers

Content is the reason why the Internet exists, but content creators are not being fairly compensated for their effort.

Varanida believes in better compensation for publishers and media.

Advertisers Get Better Performance

Fraud-Free Network

prevents bots, fake sites, and more

Opt-in Users

who are more engaged 

Innovative Formats

for a better experience

Benefits for Advertisers

Advertisers have been taken advantage of by fake views, fake clicks, fake sites, and so on.

Varanida is bringing transparency and trust to the advertising supply chain.

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