Varanida Manifesto

The team behind Varanida is devoted to building a better Internet experience for users, publishers, and advertisers.

Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who want a better Internet experience, publishers who want to maximize revenues, and advertisers who want guaranteed performance.

"In its early days, the Internet was supposed to be a place where we could access the world’s information, share our knowledge, and be more connected. While some companies have lived up to that promise and improved our daily lives, most have turned into revenue obsessed advertising-machines focused only on their revenue streams to the detriment of their users.

As advertising has taken over the Internet, users are the ones who suffer under its increasing load, both literally and figuratively. Advertising and targeting scripts slow down page load speed, congest bandwidth, and collect massive amounts of user data. Increased advertising supply has decreased the revenue generated per page, so publishers fight to stay alive by adding more and more advertising to their pages, and making that advertising more and more invasive, degrading the user experience even further.

Since the famous “Don’t Be Evil” slogan debuted in 1999, advertising networks have mutated into privacy and profit sucking vampires as they compete for ad dollars. In 2017, more than $228 billion was spent on digital advertising globally, but Internet users and publishers received only a small portion of that value, while creating most of it. Advertisers are also being abused, estimation are reporting that ads fraud are costing up to $12.5B in advertising budget .

But what if we could take back the power? What if Internet users, publishers, and advertisers could work together to create a better advertising network, without going through centralised, greedy, fraud and nosy companies?

This is what Varanida is all about: enabling a new era for the Internet, where all parties are fairly compensated for the value they bring to the whole ecosystem.

Varanida will pursue that mission with three areas of focus:

  • Remove low quality and intrusive advertising through a collaborative ad-blocker

  • Enable relevant, engaging, and high quality advertising that will fairly compensate publishers

  • Reward users for their role in removing low quality advertising, and viewing or interacting with high quality advertising.

In its first iteration, Varanida’s decentralized and transparent advertising ecosystem will be powered by the VAD (Verified Ad Token), an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Following that first iteration, we plan to release the Varanida Protocol, creating a new opportunity for all stakeholders to build applications and engaging content with a win-win approach.

Those include but are not limited to:

  • Users reviewing advertising quality through Blockchain consensus mechanism

  • Publishers offering premium content and experiences in exchange for VAD

  • Advertisers offering exclusive promotions to holders of VAD

We are launching Varanida in the hope that a community of like-minded users will join us in our mission to change the way the world sees advertising and consumes digital content."

For a better Internet, Team Varanida
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